% of residents who see themselves as a member of the Santa Monica community

A sense of belonging is vital to a strong community and feeling like a member of a particular community is often how we identify where we belong. A city is also a community of smaller groups, neighborhoods and organizations, and it is important for residents to feel that they similarly belong to greater Santa Monica community. We know that people who feel that they belong are more likely to feel that they can make a difference and therefore are also more likely to become civically engaged. Viewing ourselves as members of the Santa Monica community not only helps us feel like we can make a difference, it also reinforces a sense of safety and hope for individuals and families, keeping spirits high for future generations.
The City's Wellbeing Survey provides this data, and is conducted every two years by the Office of Civic Wellbeing to better understand residents' perceptions about their quality of life in the city. Through a detailed series of questions about their quality of life from public health and economic opportunity to civic engagement, the survey provides a platform for crucial public input on how changes are being felt by the City's residents.